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Families treated on this site

This page lists extended accounts of specific families. Ancestor tables are listed on their own page. More detailed access to the contents to the entire site is available through the Search page.


Ancestry of my natural parents

Ancestors of ********, son of
Leo James Lubiniecki (1908-1976) and Alma Cecilia Reagan (1915-1980)

Ancestor table of the children of Leo James Lubiniecki and Alma Cecilia Reagan
Descendants of Wasyl (“;William”) Demchuk (ca. 1857-1934), of Sifton, Manitoba, Canada, by his wife Antonina Warowy (1865?-1963)
Some descendants of John Fitzpatrick (alive in 1828), of Laurel Hill, in the parish of Errigal-Trough, co. Monaghan, Ireland, and his wife Bridget McLenag [McLenagh?]
The descendants of John Healy (ca. 1796-1885), of Philipsville, Bastard Township, Leeds County, Ontario, by his wife Mary O’Connor (ca. 1803-1871), especially in the line of their grandson John Joseph Healy (1858-1938), of Sturgis, Saskatchewan, and his wife Elizabeth E. McCann (1860-1939)
Some descendants of Owen Heaney (Sr.) (1799?-1870), of Normanby Tp., Grey Co., Ontario, and his wife Mary Smith (ca.1811-1881+)
Descendants of Anton(ius) Lubiniecki (1842?-1917), of Dauphin, Manitoba, and his wife Maria (or Mariana) Nasadnik or Nyczek, and especially in the line of Julian Lubiniecki (1880-1945+), of Dauphin, Manitoba, and of Sturgis, Saskatchewan, and his wife Kateryna Demchuk (1889-1945)
Some descendants of Patrick McCann (ca. 1807-1880), of South Burgess township, Leeds County, Ontario, by his wife Anne FitzPatrick (ca. 1821-1888)
Some descendants of Anthony McCann (ca. 1802-1878), of Bastard Township, Leeds County, of Mara Township, Simcoe County, and of Carden Township, Victoria County, by his wife Mary Connor(s) (ca. 1805-1891+)
Some descendants of Thomas Reagan (Sr.) (ca. 1808-1875+), of Normanby Tp., Grey Co., Ontario, and of Manannah Tp., Meeker Co., Minnesota, and his first wife Margaret ____ (ca. 1811-?), especially in the line of Patrick Reagan (1841-1913), of Sturgis, Saskatchewan, and his wife Catherine Heaney (1841-1916)
Some descendants of Martin Warowy (flourished 1866-1879), of Cyhany or Tsyhany (now Rudka), in the district of Borshchiv, oblast of Ternopil’, and province of Galicia, Austria (formerly part of Ukraine), by his wife Mariya ____ (? 1825/26-1914), who came as a widow to Manitoba, Canada

Ancestors of ********, daughter of
Richard Harry Mitchelson, Jr. (1914-1998) and Jean Margaret Kennedy(1917-2000)

(except pages already listed under Famous Relatives through my natural parents)
Ancestor table of Richard Harry Mitchelson
Ancestor table of Jean Margaret Kennedy
Descendants of Joseph Bell (1819/20-1867+), of Matlock, Rowsley, and Great Longstone, Derbyshire, and his wife Lydia Hackett
Descendants of Robert Britland (d. 1782?) and his wife Mary Holmes (d. 1783), of Cromford, Derbyshire.
The Chatfield family of the Netherlands
The Comfort family of New York, Nova Scotia, and Ontario
Descendants of John Dean (1754-1827), of Gainsborough Township, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada, and his wife Margaret Flach (1752-1839)
Descendants of Guiljaume Eelhout (say 1560-1611/15?), of Cologne, and his wife Johanna van Steene (say 1565-1601/15?)
Some descendants of John Exherst (d. 1493?), of Ash-next-Sandwich, Kent, and his wife Alice (Sepham?)
Some descendants of Andreas Flach (1712-1779), of Flocktown, German Valley (now Long Valley), Roxbury (now Washington) Tp., Morris Co., New Jersey, and his wife Anna Maria Schüler (ca. 1717-1810)
Descendants of William Fogg (ca. 1762/63-1835), of Cromford, a chapelry in the parish of Wirksworth, Derbyshire, and his wife Lydia Britland (1765-1804)
Descendants of John Hackett (living 1794-95), of Cromford, in the parish of Wirksworth, Derbyshire
Some descendants of Joseph Harris (living 1746), of Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., New York, and his wife Catharina Hegeman
The Hegeman family of New Netherland
The Holmes family of Cromford, Derbyshire
The royal descent of Jean Margaret (Kennedy) Mitchelson — part I
Some ancestry of Oliver Mainwaring (1634-1723), of New London, Connecticut
The descendants of Joseph Margetts (ca. 1593-1675), of Utrecht and Amsterdam, by his two wives, Anna van Weerdenburch (d. 1630-35) and Geertruijt Jacobs van Drielenburch (living 1651)
Some descendants of James McBride James McBride, of co. Tyrone, Ireland, and his wife Mary Sharkey
The descendants of Daniel McIntyre (Sr.) (d. 1825?) of Grimsby Tp., Lincoln Co., Ontario, and his wife Mary ____
Some descendants of David McMillan (d. 1871-81), of Chesterville, Williamsburg Tp., Dundas Co., Ontario, and his wife Frances (Cawley?)
The descendants of Christoffel Maul (1688-1751+), of Montgomery, Ulster (now Orange) Co., New York, and his wife Anna Juliana Sergius (1689-1751+)
Some descendants of Richard Mitchelson (d. by 1881), of Spalding, Lincolnshire, and his wife Harriet Newton (1826?-1901)
One line of descent from Johannes Nevius (1627-1672), of Brooklyn, Third Secretary of New Amsterdam
Some descendants of John Newton, of Leeds, Yorkshire, and of Duddington, Northamptonshire, and his wife Elizabeth (Crick?)
Leeuwaert or Ruwaert
The descendants of Hendrick Willems Leeuwaert or Ruwaert (d. by 1696), of Flatbush, New York, and his wife Catharina Vonck (1670-ca.1757)
Some descendants of Wernerus Sergius (d. by 1678), Pastor of Rückeroth, Neuwied, and his wife Anna Catharina Vieger.
The ver Veelen family of Cologne and Amsterdam
The descendants of Benjamin Wilcox (1737?–1816), of Grimsby, Lincoln Co., U.C., and his wife Elsie Lanning (1739–1805)
Descendants of John Wurts (1766–1855), of Markham Tp., York Co., Ontario, with some notes on his probable sister Charity Wurts, wife of John Kennedy (II), of St. Anns, Gainsborough Tp., Lincoln Co., Ontario
Some descendants of Samuel Young (d. 1890), of Chesterville, Williamsburg Tp., Dundas Co., Ontario, and his wife Elizabeth Clarke (1809-1874)

Ancestry of my adoptive parents

Ancestors of my adoptive father, Carl George Dawshka

The descendants of Jan Doczka (d. ca. 1900?), of Naruszewicze, Byelorussia, and his wife Anna – paternal grandparents of my adoptive father, the late Carl George Dawshka (1933-1969), of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada
The descendants of Jan Jessis (d. ca. 1915), of Sieniawka or Siniawka, Byelorussia, and his wife Anna – maternal grandparents of my adoptive father, Carl George Dawshka

Ancestors of my adoptive mother, Kathleen Ellen Blythe

Ancestor table of Kathleen Ellen Blythe
Some descendants of Thomas Baxter (ca. 1784-1851+), of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, and his wife 1815, Anne ____ (ca. 1790-1851+).

The Bird Family of Tilney St. Lawrence, Walpole St. Peter, and Terrington St. Clement, Norfolk
The descendants of George Blyth(e) (living 1813-41), of Doncaster and Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, and his wife, Ann Buxton (1792?-1817+), especially in the line of William Blythe (1817-1861+), of Bradford, Yorkshire, and his wife Elizabeth Brook (1818-1851+)
Some descendants of John Bright (d. 1586), of Whirlow Hall, Ecclesall, yeoman, by his wife Agnes ____ (living 1587)
Some descendants of William Brook (living 1818) and his wife Elizabeth ____ (living 1818), of Bradford, in the West Riding of Yorkshire
Some descendants of Henry Buxton (living 1797) and his wife Marth Whittingon (living 1797), of Greasbrough and Masbrough, both near Rotherham, in the West Riding of Yorkshire
An online edition of The Descendants of George & Elizabeth (Lee) Flint, of Holbeach, Lincolnshire (originally published in 1989)
The descendants of Samuel Hales (1805/6-1866), of London, England, and his wife Maria Frost (ca. 1805/06-1871+)
Some descendants of Henry Harrold, of Tilney St. Lawrence, Norfolk, and his wife Sarah Wright
The descendants of William Hincley (d. 1754), of Swineshead, Lincolnshire, by his two wives Mary Thornhill and Elizabeth Moore
Some descendants of John Jarratt (1813-1885), of Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, by his wife, Mary Baxter (1817?-1900)
Some descendants of John James Keegan (d. 1854-61), of the parish of St. Giles in the Fields, Bloomsbury, Middlesex, and his wife Sarah Bowen (1816?-1877)
The descendants of William and Ellen (Canning) McCullough, of Ballycowan, Drumbo, co. Down, Ireland, and of Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, England
Some descendants of Robert Skargell (living 1530), of Sheffield, Yorkshire, by his wife Margaret ____
Some descendants of Henry Whittington (d. 1695), of Barnsley, a chapelry in the parish of Silkstone, in the West (now South) Riding of Yorkshire, by his wife Grace Skargell (1619-1643+)

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